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Content Creator

Full Stack Content Creator

Producer | Project Manager






Don Platon's work has aired on virtually every broadcast network in the world.

He is developing cross-silo workflow for premium content creation to repurpose with relevance, where relevance is provided by community-specific web analytics, SEO and social media metrics.

This workflow includes pre-production development for nine story types: Documentary, Event, Evergreen, Magazine-Style Features, Marketing, News, Reprise/ Recap, Social and Web. These story types along with still images and graphics form the basis of a content marketing bonanza where analytics dives relevance.

Analytics and engagement are ratings. Repurposing is a cost-effective way to improve ROI for premium-level content and relevance optimizes content for online distribution. See more...

Project Management

For content to work on the Internet seamless communication across silos is imperative. Internet technology is not an "add-on" to broadcast television, it's the driver.  Project Management is the glue that holds everything together. Learn more...


Don builds and optimizes micro-sites and social media profiles employing the hub and spoke model to dive traffic back to primary domains for conversion. He developed content factory workflow adapted from Hollywood studios and the broadcast industry to populate websites and profiles with premium content.

The Internet matured through SEO, social media, Inbound marketing and content marketing phases. Now video dominates the Internet space. It's time to integrate proven workflows to requirements of the online space. Read more...

website & content by Don Platon Ⓒ 2015 

website & content by Don Platon Ⓒ 2015