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Internet Services


Web Strategy

The largest network in history

The Internet supplies unlimited distribution for original content by targeting every demographic in the world. Search and social media are engines that drive the Internet. With an overwhelming volume of content choices the user is ultimately in control.

Content Marketing

Interruption is the norm. We’ve become experts at tuning out irrelevant content. Interruptive, i.e. push content, carries a premium cost and expires immediately after we stop paying the premium. Content marketing is a pay-once use-many model.

Hollywood studios and the broadcast industry are experts at content repurposing often deriving as many as 40 deliverables from an original asset. They are experts at producing content and extending it’s lifespan through reformatting and repurposing. Don is adapting this model for content marketing.

Video is the #1 content type in demand on the Internet. Don uses analytics to identify the critical path for content marketing effectiveness and employs eight premium video content types to attract users and bring attention back to your brand, startup or SMB.

Virtually everyone in the Fortune 500 employs content marketing. My practice is to identify and scale well proven best practices for brands, startups and SMB’s.

V1: Magazine Style Feature Video Product
V4: Web Video Product
V7: Evergreen Video Product
V2: Marketing Video Product
V5: Documentary Video Product
V8: Social Media Video Product
V3: Premium Event Video Product
V6: Reprise/ Recap Video Product
S1: Still Photography Product

Online Video Networks for Startups and SMB's

Many organizations see the need for video and many other content types. Our challenge is the noise floor, there is so much content with incongruent messaging users are overwhelmed. The only way to stay ahead of the curve is by publishing with frequency. A well-built hub is essentially a network where users discover a wealth of relevant choices.

Several years in development Don’s SEO optimized content workflows scale for one time content marketing campaigns, montlhy and quarterly content marketing efforts and form the basis for an online video network.

Other Services

Don Platon's services include consulting, social media listening, cross promotion through existing channels and build out of social media profiles. He also builds responsive micro-sites using the WordPress CMS.

website & content by Don Platon Ⓒ 2015 

website & content by Don Platon Ⓒ 2015